Wednesday, 3 June 2009

sng's and cash tabs

Well Since my last post Ive still been hitting the tabs at partypoker, I ran even hotter getting my bankroll to just under £400. Then doubt started to settle in, I started playing less because I didnt want to hit a downer, Then when I did play it felt like I was just waiting for the downswing. Like some sort of winners tilt. The inevitable did happen and I just played like SHIT after it. Lost 5 buyins just being spewy, bluffing to much.

So in the past couple of days Ive let off the cash tabs and deposited £50 of my roll at pokerstars to play some sngs. Since my last visit some new turbo torneys have apeared in the lobby. A $2.20 180 man and a $3.25 90 man. They are soft as shit. I could play the $4.40 180 mans for a better return if I score but they last too long for me atm and I find they can be slow...

The new turbos have been a huge success for me so far. a couple of itm finishes a 3rd place and 1st place today.


Partypoker: $85 stars: $170 In bank: $355 Total = $610

bye for now!