Wednesday, 25 August 2010

stag do blablabla 'insert title here'

meh another few months gone without updating my blog sorry to the few that actually read it :).

anyways Im due to go on my stag do on friday down to newquay for the bank holiday weekend, what a fucking mare that as been to orgainise. Started booking it about 3 months go had about 8-10 peeps wanting to come then when the money was due for the rooms about 4 pulled out. Then yesterday another m8 who said hes defo coming 100% pulled out grrr... So that leaves 4 of us. Should still have a good laugh, got a room spare in the digs if anyone is interested...

onto the poker front. The bankroll is still moving upwards at a steady rate, Which is a good thing its just that ive been thinking I should take more risks for bigger gain. For example Im going to have a 20 game shot at the $12/180s. See how I do and basically play some more, but if the Bankroll goes below $1500 then I'll just focus on the 2's to build it back up.

Ive been playing some $6/18 mans due to a challenge on I did pretty well in them too so carried on playing them. Only a really small sample but they feel pretty easy.

Since the last post Ive purchased another monitor which now I can comfortably 6-8 table with a view to work upto 12. Had pretty decent results because of the extra tables too.

$2/180 stats:

$6/18 stats: