Thursday, 26 November 2009

bloggerment and 2/180's

Well I didnt really do much in the prop bet, didnt really get the hands then I had to start shoving light, I did do well in the bloggerment though finishing 3rd for $20 exit had was my KTo aipf v 99 and the bigstacks j8. J on the flop and we didnt improve.

I did mention last post that I was going to give the 3/45s a crack but Ive not played one since, Just still grinding the 2/180s ive not really been succesful in them this month, $46 down. I should be playing more volume though to overide the varience.

To force me to play more I decided to start a 2/180 prop bet with the peeps at $20 side bet pot from all the participtants and whoever makes to most $$$ takes it. Im quite confidant I'll do well its over a 100 games so hopefully the varience wont be to harsh.

Ive also deposited £50 onto ladbrooks to play some small field mtts instead of the donk fest of the stars 1235635 field torneys. Ive just regd for a 3k 2.5 euro rebuy 477 entrants, one time!!

anyways bankroll: $1075

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

staking and not being such a nit!

Started my 1st ever stake the other week, The deal was 25x 3/45 mans @ stars. stakeback + 50/50 split on profits and that is going great atm into profit and still 10 games remaining. over the last few months since I reached $1k ive not really progressed the bankroll, even though I feel a better player, especially at the mtts. If a few key hands would of gone my way I could of easily hit a final table and been on for a big score. The roll has been up and down quite alot from about $850 - $1150, which is annoying.

I completed the party poker bonus which was a waste of time. I ended up break even with the $20 bonus included, I even managed to spew a buyin away at 25nl trying to bluff a guy who hit a flush on the flop lol :(. So ive withdrew my $200 there back to pokerstars and Im stopping with cash for a while because sng and mtts are so much more profitable for me atm.

Over at theres a new synidcate im taking part in and also a prop bet which ties into the not so nitty part of my post.

syndicate - $55 80k GTD torney on pokerstars.

There are 7 people in this syndicate with me including we are each going to play the above torney once with each member of the syndicate shiping $7.86 to pay for the entrance fee. then all profits will be split.

Mirror prop bet :- this involves each member of the bet contributing $20 to a side pot of who makes the most money from these 5 games. we all have to register in the same torneys

8pm - 11/90 man
8.20pm - 4/180 man
8.40pm - 22/90 man
9pm - The bloggerment - buyin $5
9.30pm - 22/180 man

Highest ive played are the 4/180s and 6/45s so it will be nice to try the higher buyins for one night and who knows maybe I'll get lucky.

Ive started playing 3/45 more seriously now I just used to play one now and again usually when I couldnt be arsed to play poker. see the improvement :P

and also my 2/180 stats n graph!

bankroll: $1150

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

progress + mtts

Since my last post I shiped another 2/180, but then have only min cashed since. I havent really been focusing on them. Ive been spending my time completing 1/5th ($20) of a bonus at partypoker 4 tabling 10nl. I ended up breakeven, took me about a month to do 4.5k hands, running 5 buyins under Ev. some redic beats and also bad play, Im going to review the lot later.

Ive also started playing the mtts on stars that start around 4pm, I can only play these when Im on dayshift so it will have to be every other week. I came 100/3387 in the $3 $5k GTD for $13.72 I was just under avg in chips, and was round about 60/100 at this point then a villan shoves and im covered I see KK which Ive got to call with, the villan flips over AJ and hits one of his 3 outs @ the turn. In the $5.50 20k GTD I came 367th/4373 for $13.11 that was just a standed exit hand I was short pushed A8o villain called with AJ.

I'll share a key hand from the $3 5kgtd which I wasnt sure if it was the right call.
I had no info on the villan just felt like he was weak, the utg limp could of been suited cards. his min bet on the flop just seemed fishy. I could of called his min bet at the flop and re-evaluated on the turn but it just seemed passive. when I reraised I wondered why his 4bet was so little.

highlight below for villans hand

villan k6os

going to 4 table 2/180s bye.

bankroll $1100

oh and thanks for the comments in my last post :D