Thursday, 16 April 2009

MTTs + Sngs

Last week snake_eyes from RTR suggested That I put all my doe into pokerstars and play the 180man $4.40 sngs. I already had $120 in there + another $300 in my interpoker account if I needed it.

Had some ok games at first finishing around the bubble, finished 5th once. Then today took one down! a nice $212 profit.

At around 4pm today I entered a $1.10 MTT (3k prize pool) and am still in it now! Currently 6/20. There were over 4500 people who signed up. Will update later with my progress.

Anyway My bankroll:

Pokerstars £205 interpoker £200


Finished 16th for a shitty $11. Decide to steel with K9 UTG, maybe not a good idea table was tight though. Button calls my raise. I Flop straight. 910JQK. I get it all in and he turns over AK for the higher straight. Fair enough..........

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Learning curve

Well I signed up to deuces cracked on Tuesday, just on a monthly basis. I was going to download all the videos I wanted then cancel therefore not having to pay for a month but what the heck its only £20. If I cant invest that to better my game then what next!

Not really used the site to it's full potential yet, watched the 1st two episodes of baby steps, which I need to watch again because I was playing at the time and didn't really take much in.

On the tabs Ive been running well, Ive basically moved up to 25nl but still playing 10nl the play isn't much different. I'm trying to plug a small leak on being spewy and 3betting light early in a session. I need to get more reads on the players 1st. So I'm setting my self a target of playing 30hands of abc poker at any table before I start getting fancy. I also need to be aware of small stacks 20bb-50bb I need some sort of advice/tips to deal with them. For example:

BossMedia Game #1531606475: Table Table TH 711 - €0.05/€0.10 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:25:34 - 2009/04/01
Seat 1: New-See. (€11.95)
Seat 4: richeh88 (€10.45)
Seat 2: Kobedon (€9.04)
Seat 5: paeljo (€2.55)
Seat 3: XXXOSE (€11.23)
richeh88 posts the small blind of €0.05
paeljo posts the big blind of €0.10
XXXOSE is the button
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to richeh88 [Th Tc]
New-See. folds
Kobedon folds
XXXOSE folds
richeh88 raises €0.30
paeljo calls €0.30
*** FLOP *** [6c 6s Ah]
richeh88 bets €0.60
paeljo calls €0.60
*** TURN *** [6c 6s Ah] [Jd]
richeh88 goes all-in with €9.55
paeljo goes all-in with €1.65
*** RIVER *** [6c 6s Ah Jd] [7h]
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot €4.85 | Rake €0.25
Board: [6c 6s Ah Jd 7h]
New-See. won (€0.00), mucks
Kobedon won (€0.00), mucks
XXXOSE won (€0.00), mucks
richeh88 won (€0.00), showed [Th Tc]
paeljo won (€4.85), showed [As Qd]

Now I took his flop call as weakness and thought I was ahead, I probably would of called if he had jammed the flop anyway. (Surly short stacks push here 90% of the time would have the A?)I really should of checked the turn. was kinda annoyed he only called my flop raise, heh dont know why. Any comments on this hand would be nice. Anyway here's my pt3 graph for my 2k+ hands at interpoker. oh by the way how do u get pt3 to convert different currencies into one? Because all my amount won is wrong.

To have a change I registered for a 2.20euro 30man sng and took it down for a nice 22 euro profit. Played really well throughout. Might start to play a few more of these.

Going to start adding pictures and other stuff more to brighten up my blog.

bankroll = interpoker £330