Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates, But I only blog when I'm winning...jokes. Had a few problems with volume over the last few weeks. Because I work continental shifts 4on 4off which rotates through the week. I find that when I'm off work when it lands on the weekend Its harder to play poker because the Mrs if off too and sitting on the pc for the whole weekend playing poker doesn't appeal to her as it does to me.

onto the poker front its been a steady month break even for most part due to playing quite a few scheduled mtts and not cashing that much. Still decent progress in the 180s. The 12/180s don't seem as daunting to play and I'm glad that there is progression there and I can start to really make money.

It reminds around the start of my 'poker career' when I used to play 10nl cash and over 50k hands I was a 10BB/100 + winner but I could never take a serious shot at 25nl and play over 10k hands. I was far to tilty taking the beats to heart not the right frame of mind to be in. The 180s are different yeah beats are still hard to take but it happens and I know I'm a long term winner in them.

Over the last few days think Ive put in the most volume I'm the 180s than I ever have. Been 12 tabling and just reloading when I bust in one, Getting pretty comfortable 12 tabling too. Just binked a 12/180 to top it off :)

Ive been looking at my stats for all the 180 mans I play by each year since I started in may 09. Glad im going in the right direction hopefully make $4k plus this year!

Bankroll atm: $2900