Tuesday, 29 June 2010

much needed update

Sorry Ive been a lazy cunt, I havent stopped playing or anything or gone on a big downswing and gone busto! Just kinda got out of blogging and forgot about it really.

Well since my last post at the end of march, I did end up withdrawing $900 from my roll to part pay for a holiday to Cyprus and other suff. Since then I have been grinding my bankroll back up. over the past few months Ive made the $900 back. Ive been on a massive heater at the 2/180s and had some pretty decent scores in some scheduled mtts.I came pretty close actually in the $3r $60k gtd on stars, came 15/6000+ for $300 but obviously my exit hand was my AK v AJ aipf. Win that and I easy make the final table all with 4 figure cashes! fucking J on the flop.

2/180 stats/heater:

I think the heater in these does coincide with me starting to call alot lighter and take more notice to my stack size and other peoples before and around the money bubble.

Ive moved all my roll onto stars because it was doing my nut in all over the place and because Ive stopped playing cash theres no real need to be on any other site. So I'm just going to continue grinding the 2/180s and scheduled mtts for sometime.

Over the past few days Ive been thinking what I want from poker and obviously I'd love to be playing at a higher limit with my bankroll, feeling as easy and confidant as I do at the 2/180s but that's not going to happen for a while I think. I mean the jump from the 2's to the 12/180s is pretty big and the 7's don't fill. Maybe my other option is the 6/45's. Ive played 45 mans before and its just a crap shoot and I feel that I would have to 8 table them at least and I'm not comfortable with that.

So my conclusion for the time being is that I'm just grinding the 2/180s to give me a very comfortable bankroll which enables me to play as many scheduled mtts as I want, which hopefully one day I might hit that big score.

anyway I'm going to try and update at least twice a month, nn.

Bankroll $1600