Monday, 16 February 2009

Bankroll peak

Since last post Ive played some more will hill 10nl and 20nl. about 450 hands. and not had a losing session, Keep anticipating it though. I'm waiting for the downswing or bad beat, feels like its close. I know I shouldn't be thinking in this way! My game feels like its getting better, I'm more confident being aggressive and knowing when I'm beat easier to fold now.

Had $20 left I'm my party poker account so thought I would play some 25nl. got to about $30 then lost most of it to my QQ v 88, the villain hit his set on the flop and I was toast! which is a shame but it didnt bother me that much. probably would of if it was my will hill account.

Im planning on moving upto 20nl full time when I reach 15 buyins which is £300. That is really depending on how comfortable I feel playing at that limit all the time. I take shots now and again and can hold my own. Think If I did move up I would drop back down to 10nl if my bankroll becomes less than 10 buyins for 20nl.

Maybe I should work on multi tabling before moving up any limits any thoughts?


Will Hill = £200

Saturday, 14 February 2009

friday the 13th unlucky for some?

well for people expecting to see me post saying ive lost my bankroll, wrong!

its not about poker actually, Im currently at my gf's came up for the weekend to spend Valentine's with her. too bad shes poorly :( only gone and picked up that sickness virus so here I am at 1am on her laptop surfing poker info and updating my blog. Shes only really just stopped being sick and is now asleep! bless. hope she gets well soon.

wont be playing poker till Sunday night when im back home. I remember when i used to play before Christmas I was such a poor player. Have been looking at my hh's calling raises with AK etc. 2bb rasing with AA KK and wondering why some donk hit his flush with 10 4s. I wasnt a big fish that lost buyin after buyin, just someone who knew very little about the game.

anyways going to sleep night!

Friday, 13 February 2009

my cash game

Still continuing to do well at will hill. What Ive started to do is look at the situation more post flop, In the past few days ive folded hands ive been involved in, which would of got me into trouble if I'd of raised or called. for example:

MP: £4.90
CO: £3.08
BTN: £4.97
SB: £15.83
BB: £5.18
Hero (UTG): £20.85

Pre Flop: (£0.15) Hero is UTG with Qc Ac
Hero raises to £0.50, 2 folds, BTN calls £0.50, SB calls £0.45, 1 fold

Flop: (£1.60) 9c 2d Tc (3 players)
SB bets £1, Hero raises to £3, BTN folds, SB raises to £5, Hero calls £2

Turn: (£11.60) 9h (2 players)
SB checks, Hero checks

River: (£11.60) Qs (2 players)
SB checks, Hero checks

Final Pot: £11.60
SB shows Kh Kd (Two Pairs, Kings and Nines, Queen high)
Hero mucks Qc Ac
SB wins £11.02

Took his flop agression for A9 making trips with the flop. decided to call and check down to the river. in the past I would of raised the river once the Q hand come. good job I didnt.

Not touched my PP account just dont fell like playing sng's atm. Anyway just a short post!.

Bankroll pp= £25 Willhill = £152 :D

Sunday, 8 February 2009

will hill

well Ive been on fire at will hill, just playing at .10nl got my roll upto £90. Playing a tagish game.

Its the 1st update for a bit this is due to me not being arsed and playing shit poker at party. my roll there is now £45 down from £150 at its maxium. Just been running shit at the sngs, then tilting my cash away at $0.50/1 limit. lost a buyin there and then a buying at $.10/.25nl.

Think I need to work on that side of my game if I'm going to maintain a decent bankroll. Discipline is soo important. im going to use the remainder of my party roll which works out to about $65 on the $6 sng's and if that goes then I need to evaluate what the leaks could be.

edit 1.00am:

Just Played about 350 hands at willhill, 2 tabling, and made £35 which was nice, Just played a solid aggressive game. some of the play at these limits is shocking. on the down side played 5 sng's at pp coming 2nd once. so that bankroll is depleted really now.

bankroll: partypoker = £30 willhill = £125

also anybody know any decent rakeback deals with the new willhill ipoker site?