Wednesday, 26 August 2009

...and back to blogging

Well its been quite eventful since I got back from Corfu on the 14th. I rang partypoker up to reclaim the bonus they so kindly paused for me. big mistake!
In the 1st night dropped $80 3 tabling .5/1 limit nothing drastic but I didnt feel comfortable continuing. So I withdrew my remaining $30 there and added it to my stars account. Thats been up and down too, it took a while to get itm playing the 2/180's but I eventually hit a 4th 3rd and 2nd place finish. One thing Ive noticed is my roi is starting to even out. I think because I hit quite a heater in my 1st 150 games Ive expected to maintain it which isnt possible.

I still have leaks that I need to plug in these like raising and calling with hands like AQo AJo/s early on. Just need to be more patient.

Over at Ive joined a $11 MTT syndicate either to play on stars or fulltilt. This includes playing a min and max of 5 MTTs over 5 weeks then all the profits are split. There are 11 fishys signed up so hopefully someone will score big. I nearly did last night came 33/4929 for $93.66 , I played really well and was only a coin flip or two away from a final table. I'm sure there will be alot more syndicates in the future so If you haven't already signed up theres always time now (nice plug)

Well since my blog description says micro CASH player and I cant be arsed to change it, I might as well give a paragrah to whats happening there.

Ive had a few sessions back at 10nl mostly while Ive been in a MTT and Ive done decent. scored 2 buyins last night. Ive kinda figured where Ive been going wrong, 3betting and bluffing. shock horror. The task Ive set myself is to only 3bet preflop with AA KK QQ JJ AK AQs. Theres no need to 3 bet lightly at 10nl because the fish at CO is a agro donk running 55/30/4. In the future If I ever move up limits I'll have to work on that side though.

Bankroll: $860