Monday, 21 December 2009

Xmas time, no poker for me!

Well Im off upto my house (that I bought with my fiancee, Just I havent found a job up at durham to move there fulltime) over xmas and newyear so dont think i'll have time to get any poker in. Might be nice to stop playing for a week or so but no doubt i'll be itching to play towards the backend of newyr.

On the poker front. I cashed in the $55 80k gtd syndicate for $83.20. Think I did really well. Had cogs from RTR railing me and teaching me to 3bet shove on the money bubble. (Had ATo on the BB 10bb, bigstack raised from the CO). I ended up shoving KJo with 12bb in the MP2 and losing out to the BB's KK, when calling with 99 a few hands earlier to a 10bb UTG+2 shove would of been a better play. oh well..

The 2/180 prop bet didnt go so well for me, ended up around $40 down over the 100 games, with a total of $165ish cashes, I had around four 4th places finishes which each time I should of come atleast 2nd or 1st. some redic beats.
Well I carried on grinding the 2/180s and they came good again tobad I didnt have the heater in the prop bet. I also just recently started to take more notes after the money bubble bursts. helped me out alot today.

my current 2/180 stats: cracked $1k profit :D

bankroll: $1175