Saturday, 18 September 2010

rush poker and the 12/180s

well since my last post I was very unlucky not to bink a 12/180 came 2nd instead still a great return but would of been nice to say I actually won one. As the swings are Ive still been taking shots at the 12's but not even cashed in my last 10 games.

Ive been finding it hard to find the time to fit the 180 mans in on stars, So Ive withdrawn $150 and deposited it into fulltilt to give me 15 buyins to play 10nl rush. Dont think I could play 25nl rush yet id be far too tilty. Ive played about 1300 hands so far and half a buyin down but feels pretty easy to make some $$$.

Just a short update cos the missus wants to go shopping...bye

Thursday, 9 September 2010


bankroll is now just over $2k for the first time. Just been stepping up the volume in the 2/180s on my days off. Suits me to a tee actually, working 4 on 4 off is great!

Finished the 20x 12/180s with about $100 loss, Did run bad towards the end but its not put me off and will be doing another 20 soon.

2/180 stats:

Been looking into playing at Fulltilt poker and was going to register a new account with new details hoping to get rackback but Ive been told that FT are really onto this and will just close it down. So I logged into my old account updated my details then fired off an email to them. Just stating that I wanted to play on FT but will not without rackback, about an hour later I got a reply saying that rakebackpros will be getting in contact with me to set up the rackback. niceone!

In other news, Its getting closer to my wedding will be 2 weeks on sunday. Im shitting it about the speech I have to do before the wedding dinner. Going to have to get my best googling head on for that!