Thursday, 9 September 2010


bankroll is now just over $2k for the first time. Just been stepping up the volume in the 2/180s on my days off. Suits me to a tee actually, working 4 on 4 off is great!

Finished the 20x 12/180s with about $100 loss, Did run bad towards the end but its not put me off and will be doing another 20 soon.

2/180 stats:

Been looking into playing at Fulltilt poker and was going to register a new account with new details hoping to get rackback but Ive been told that FT are really onto this and will just close it down. So I logged into my old account updated my details then fired off an email to them. Just stating that I wanted to play on FT but will not without rackback, about an hour later I got a reply saying that rakebackpros will be getting in contact with me to set up the rackback. niceone!

In other news, Its getting closer to my wedding will be 2 weeks on sunday. Im shitting it about the speech I have to do before the wedding dinner. Going to have to get my best googling head on for that!


Mr Origami said...

Just atarted playing a few of these 2/180's...fancy a link swap mate? I'll put yours up anyways :)

rich said...

sure m8 nps,