Friday, 20 March 2009

Feeling Confidant

Well since my last post Ive been playing on interpoker because I get rackback there. been only really playing 200-400 hands a night. been on a little heater too, had £66 there now its £178 :D,

As people who play on wills and interpoker will know they have changed network to Ipoker (rtr tell me that interpoker has gone to boss who knows?) well anyway the switch over as been a huge success for me. I made about £40 yesterday and today in about 300 hands. then I logged into my account and saw an extra £37.50 I thought interpoker might of made a mistake. They hadn't it was my rakeback since the begining of march wow!. This is only about 3k hands which when I become more comfortable playing longer and more tables will only increase!

Over to will hill, I had a 3 buyin loss there but they really where coolers, maybe I tilted off a buyin, played a few mtts which I shouldn't!. I had no luck at all, my AA got busted by a rivered flush with the guy calling down with bottom pair then lucked the river :D.

Ive since had to shut my account down there. I never signed up to a rake deal and since they have now moved I might as well change to some other network depending on what deals I can get. I withdrew £161 which is now sitting nicely in my bank waiting for the right time to deposit somewhere.

so anyway my bankroll= £340

btw if anyone is actually reading these, comments would be nice :D

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Interpoker and rakeback

Ive never really taken any interest in rakeback deals, mainly because I didnt understand them and couldnt be bothered to register another account somewhere and move my cash.

Well I cottened onto the fact that the It doesnt matter what site you play at eg. Interpoker,willhill because If there on the same network they share the same tables. Ive got so meny notes and data for the tracker on the fish at willhill I didnt want to change network.

So I decided to find a rakeback deal on the crypto network. Anyway going through raketherake I signed up at interpoker for 30% rakeback and made a £50 deposit(from my wh account) which I will get 100% back in bonuses If I reach a certain amount of points before the end of march.

Well over the last couple of days ive been playing alot, more than I normaly do. Building up the MTT points for the welcome bonus seems alot harder/slower than I thought, Probally doesnt help playing .6nl and .10nl. Ive also been playing a bit of .20nl, which has been my saving grace and I would be down quite abit if it wasnt for some decent play at the higher limit.

Its harder to table select at interpoker, there doesnt seem to be as meny rooms as wh. (why is that?) Also is there away to import player notes from one site to the other?

Away from poker I went to keswick(lake district) at the weekend for a much needed break just for one night with the gf. Decided to stay in a travelodge in Penrith (which is about 15 miles from keswick) That had no bar just a little chef stuck to the side of it. Went for a chinky and a drink round Penrith center at night and was plesently suprised how busy it was.

anyway enough for now byee..

Bankroll Interpoker = £66 Willhill = £203