Thursday, 23 December 2010

12/180 bink and less whine probs

bit of a gay last blog post. After feeling rotten for the past day or so, couldnt sleep last night, was waking up every 30mins, shuffling and waking the mrs up so decided to get up at 4am for a sesh. Had a good 4 hour grind through the variance that is totally standard within the 180 turbos (note to last whine post). well I binked a 12/180 this morning. First of many I hope.

So im just going to keep the volume up, I might even make silver star this month at ps. Think ive come a long way from when I used to 2 table the 2/180s just need to make sure I keep improving. set up will be 6x 2/180s and 4x 12/180 and just keep reloading when I bust. Bankroll atm is $2k so will just play the 12s until I drop below $1k which I cant see happening.

Will still have the odd mtt grind session, was doing pretty well yesterday in the $5r rebuy 15k gtd $3k on top! despite the redic beats I found myself 80/96 with ATs utg+1 with 10bb, Obv I snap shove get one donkey(massive stack) call with A7o. He flops Oesd and obv gets there on the river.

Hope everyone has a good xmas n new yr, plenty of food n drink looking rate forward to it. feel abit better now so hopefully thats the man flu gone!


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

fuck u pokerstars

ran bad for 3 days now can I win a race please. bye

Friday, 17 December 2010

volume volume volume!

Over the past few days ive been 8-10 tabling for a few hours each day. Feel totally comfortable doing so its just keeping the urge to continually reload after I bust. Ive also been mixing the games, Doing at the moment 6 x 2/180's 2x 12/180s 2x 3r/180.

Ive been tiling the games across my two 22" monitors just wondering if I should keep the games with the same buyin together? or just mix them all up especially the 2s and 12 180s?

Still doing the odd mtt grind session too, deep in the $11 $10k gtd and $3 $5k gtd today. So close and yet again getting it favorite in both to probally make the final table and it just doesnt happen! I will score that 4 digit bink soon!

Had a stake going in the 2/180s which didnt go that well was hoping to make it long term but theres quite abit of makeup so its kinda panned out. Happens I guess, I dont blame my horse just the varience in these are pretty shocking.

anyways just an update of my 2/180 progress. The upwards swing towards the end is obviously when I started to put more volume in! just need to keep it up.

12/180s- not too worried about this, from what Ive seen so far the 12s n 2s dont play that much different...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Japs eye

Been a while since I posted just thought I would update peeps of my progress....none!
My volume has been pretty dire just lost all interest to play, alatley i would rather fire up the ps3 than load up some tables.
Hopefully I will get the disire to grind back. Doesnt help that Ive got 16 days straight which I'm in th middle of now to work, bring on the 14th! Can't wait 22 days off work :)

Going to reg at sometime shortly because I've herd there are a few fishy frogs there! Anyway got to go because this writing this entry on my iPhone is doing my japs eye in! Bye.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

married man!

well thats pretty much me fucked for life haha. only joking rach (if you secretly read my blog):P dont really think I should write much about it, because it would go on for ages and I dont think anyone is interested about what happened in great detail anyway!

Basically it all went without a hitch, She looked amazing and the next day we fooked off to marmaris, turkey for 2 weeks which was great id recommend it to anyone!

On the poker front its still going pretty well, Ive been working on my volume since I got back. I just need to use my day's off from work better. Too bad the 180 men on stars are slow at 8am to midday to fill. Makes me less motivated when I bust to reload because of the wait time!

Binked my 1st 3r/180 yesterday for $570, highest Ive seen the prizepool in them too which made it even more sweeter. Actually had a great day yesterday got deep in the $3 $3k gtd on stars came 11th/1500+ for a measly $43. Wish they would payout to a lesser field in these donkaments. who the fuck wants to play for 5 hours and min cash for $5.

I'll post a sharkscope graph for the 2,12s and 3r/180s together. Im losing at the 12's atm but its only over a very small sample. one decent cash should sort that out.

bankroll: $2500

bye 4 now

Saturday, 18 September 2010

rush poker and the 12/180s

well since my last post I was very unlucky not to bink a 12/180 came 2nd instead still a great return but would of been nice to say I actually won one. As the swings are Ive still been taking shots at the 12's but not even cashed in my last 10 games.

Ive been finding it hard to find the time to fit the 180 mans in on stars, So Ive withdrawn $150 and deposited it into fulltilt to give me 15 buyins to play 10nl rush. Dont think I could play 25nl rush yet id be far too tilty. Ive played about 1300 hands so far and half a buyin down but feels pretty easy to make some $$$.

Just a short update cos the missus wants to go shopping...bye

Thursday, 9 September 2010


bankroll is now just over $2k for the first time. Just been stepping up the volume in the 2/180s on my days off. Suits me to a tee actually, working 4 on 4 off is great!

Finished the 20x 12/180s with about $100 loss, Did run bad towards the end but its not put me off and will be doing another 20 soon.

2/180 stats:

Been looking into playing at Fulltilt poker and was going to register a new account with new details hoping to get rackback but Ive been told that FT are really onto this and will just close it down. So I logged into my old account updated my details then fired off an email to them. Just stating that I wanted to play on FT but will not without rackback, about an hour later I got a reply saying that rakebackpros will be getting in contact with me to set up the rackback. niceone!

In other news, Its getting closer to my wedding will be 2 weeks on sunday. Im shitting it about the speech I have to do before the wedding dinner. Going to have to get my best googling head on for that!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

stag do blablabla 'insert title here'

meh another few months gone without updating my blog sorry to the few that actually read it :).

anyways Im due to go on my stag do on friday down to newquay for the bank holiday weekend, what a fucking mare that as been to orgainise. Started booking it about 3 months go had about 8-10 peeps wanting to come then when the money was due for the rooms about 4 pulled out. Then yesterday another m8 who said hes defo coming 100% pulled out grrr... So that leaves 4 of us. Should still have a good laugh, got a room spare in the digs if anyone is interested...

onto the poker front. The bankroll is still moving upwards at a steady rate, Which is a good thing its just that ive been thinking I should take more risks for bigger gain. For example Im going to have a 20 game shot at the $12/180s. See how I do and basically play some more, but if the Bankroll goes below $1500 then I'll just focus on the 2's to build it back up.

Ive been playing some $6/18 mans due to a challenge on I did pretty well in them too so carried on playing them. Only a really small sample but they feel pretty easy.

Since the last post Ive purchased another monitor which now I can comfortably 6-8 table with a view to work upto 12. Had pretty decent results because of the extra tables too.

$2/180 stats:

$6/18 stats:

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

much needed update

Sorry Ive been a lazy cunt, I havent stopped playing or anything or gone on a big downswing and gone busto! Just kinda got out of blogging and forgot about it really.

Well since my last post at the end of march, I did end up withdrawing $900 from my roll to part pay for a holiday to Cyprus and other suff. Since then I have been grinding my bankroll back up. over the past few months Ive made the $900 back. Ive been on a massive heater at the 2/180s and had some pretty decent scores in some scheduled mtts.I came pretty close actually in the $3r $60k gtd on stars, came 15/6000+ for $300 but obviously my exit hand was my AK v AJ aipf. Win that and I easy make the final table all with 4 figure cashes! fucking J on the flop.

2/180 stats/heater:

I think the heater in these does coincide with me starting to call alot lighter and take more notice to my stack size and other peoples before and around the money bubble.

Ive moved all my roll onto stars because it was doing my nut in all over the place and because Ive stopped playing cash theres no real need to be on any other site. So I'm just going to continue grinding the 2/180s and scheduled mtts for sometime.

Over the past few days Ive been thinking what I want from poker and obviously I'd love to be playing at a higher limit with my bankroll, feeling as easy and confidant as I do at the 2/180s but that's not going to happen for a while I think. I mean the jump from the 2's to the 12/180s is pretty big and the 7's don't fill. Maybe my other option is the 6/45's. Ive played 45 mans before and its just a crap shoot and I feel that I would have to 8 table them at least and I'm not comfortable with that.

So my conclusion for the time being is that I'm just grinding the 2/180s to give me a very comfortable bankroll which enables me to play as many scheduled mtts as I want, which hopefully one day I might hit that big score.

anyway I'm going to try and update at least twice a month, nn.

Bankroll $1600

Monday, 29 March 2010

Bankroll high/low volume

Well since my last post ive not played that much poker, kept grinding the 2/180s but only managing no more than 8 a day so I can hardly call it grinding. Been mixing in the 3/180 rebuys. So close to shipping one. Was HU and after 10mins of raises,3bets and shoves, I had the villan covered and Held JJ. anyway HH below.

No Limit Holdem Tournament • 2 Players • PokerStars

Generated by


Blinds 10k/20k Ante 2k

  • Pre-Flop (34k, 2 players)Hero is BB
  • sJ dJ
KamMoye raises to 40k, Hero raises to 120k, KamMoye goes all-in 375k, Hero calls 255k
  • Flop (755k, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • dQ s2 s6
  • Turn (755k, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • dA
  • River (755k, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • d7
  • Final Pot: 755k
  • KamMoye shows a pair of Aces
  • d9cA
  • Hero shows a pair of Jacks
  • sJdJ
  • KamMoye wins 755k (net +377k)
  • Hero lost 377k

I was out the next hand where I shoved 109o into his K10. The money jumped up quite abit too. Nevertheless its still the most ive won in a torney!

Im rchpro btw.

Anyways Im just going to try and play more, because Im going on hols the 1st of may for a week to somewhere hot and I might have to dip into my poker funds to afford it.

Bankroll: $1700

Monday, 15 March 2010

Cash game stats

Pokertracker 3 updated their software to allow the old cryptologic hands to be stored in the database, ive been waiting for this for quite some time. So Since I started playing cash, Ive got all my 10nl career in PT3. Anyway heres my stats: any comments would be nice.

Think I need to just accept that im going to be playing cash and mtts, instead of moaning like my last post and embrace the variance which Ive not properly been hit with yet at 10nl. 20nl and 25nl is a different story but I still hope to move up soon.

Blogger United113 said...

41% over 1100 games pretty annoying

Is that bad?what ROI should you be looking at?

14 March 2010 19:19

I not sure mate just that I was near the 60% mark a few hundred games back, still ok I guess.

Bankroll: $1400

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

fuck off cash again...

meh, ive totally spewed off about $200 playing cash over the past week, bout $100 at rush on FT an $100 on purple lounge after getting off to a great start playing solid Ive just totally fucked up my cash game. was down to my last $50 at Fulltilt so decided to spin that up playing 50nl rush. lost it in my 1st hand with A7, A on flop, villan had AJ which was so fucking obvious. Kind of my biggest set back for a while. At the end of Jan I was nearly touching $1500 bankroll, now its sat at $1135, so ive rounded all my money up and put it all back on stars and im going back to grinding the 180mans. will have to sign up to poker idol some other day tripz dont feel good playing else where other than pstars atm.

maybe cash isnt for me, I dont study nowhere near enough as I should be. just stuck on a skill level which I dont see getting past.

Least with Mtts I might luckbox a decent score someday.

and I aint even doing that well at the 2/180s anymore, my ROI is dropping quite fast, 41% over 1100 games pretty annoying. need to get motivated.

anyway just a rant post, annoyed at myself for losing some of my roll so easily..

Thursday, 28 January 2010

rush poker, new phone and lazy blogging

First of all sorry for being so lazy and not updating this blog enough. Will try and do a new post at least once a week from now on.

Since my last post ive still been grinding 10nl with a few shots at 25nl too, and that is still going very well.
Last week I bought a new phone nokia 5800 and I havent stopped fucking about with it since, which means ive hardly played much poker. The poker that I have played as all been on fulltilt's new rush poker. I didnt have any roll on FT so I deposited $40 from my stars account and ran it up to $120 at its highest point. The swings are crazy also tilting like a cock doesnt help.

rush poker graph:

10nl for January, about 250 hands at 25nl here too

I was all ready to go to the live event at creswell last post but I decided to check the postcode on their forum and noticed a post canceling the event because of the bad weather. Would of been my luck that getting there only to find that it wasnt on.

Daly said...
why are you playing $10nl if you have $1300 in your roll? not a dig just wondering

Im still playing 10nl because most of my roll was made in the 2/180s, im running at 8 PTBB/100 over 40k hands at 10nl I take shots at 25nl sometimes. dont feel as comfortable losing a buyin at 25nl has 10nl, which hopefully I can overcome.

Will do a goals post for feb over the weekend

Bankroll: $1360

Friday, 8 January 2010

january so far...

1st week in jan has been pretty decent for me cash wise, Ive hardly had any volume in the 2/180s, Just been playing 10nl and running hot. Ive got all into cash again, feels so much better learning, reading about cash strategy's theres so much more to the game when, compared with grinding mtts and sngs.

I also think playing the 2/180s and dealing with the redic variance in them has helped me cope at cash, I dont seem as tilty. so we'll see at the end of January how I am for the month and I might move up to 25nl for February.

Anyone thats into cash up to 100nl and more this blog that I found is pretty decent read and very interesting too, is certainly going help me with my game.

I still debating wether to go and play some live pokes tonight, seo from rtr lives not far from me and told me yesterday he goes to the rose and crown pub in creswell most fridays for a £11 torney. with about 20-25 runners. Im still very inexperienced playing live, dont feel totally comfortable yet, hope they dont ask me to deal lol.

will update on progress next week, cyas

bankroll: $1365

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Well happy newyear all.

Hopefully this year I can improve on what was a decent 2009. It really was my 1st full year taking poker seriously and turning a profit. Most of the monies made where from the 2/180s at stars then about $200 at 10nl, which puts the bankroll at around $1250 for 2010.



I'm quite disaponted with how my cash game progressed throughout the year, the first 4 months of last year I was doing really well, then since I found the 2/180s I kinda didnt put as much effort in the cash side. It didnt really help with the redic coolers and beats when I took shots at 25nl Think that put me off playing cash.

Goals for 2010:

Carry on beating the 2/180s
Move upto/take shots the 12/180s by Aug time or 3k bankroll
Find a decent live game to become a regular at to get used to live poker.
Have a $5k bankroll by Jan 2011.