Friday, 17 December 2010

volume volume volume!

Over the past few days ive been 8-10 tabling for a few hours each day. Feel totally comfortable doing so its just keeping the urge to continually reload after I bust. Ive also been mixing the games, Doing at the moment 6 x 2/180's 2x 12/180s 2x 3r/180.

Ive been tiling the games across my two 22" monitors just wondering if I should keep the games with the same buyin together? or just mix them all up especially the 2s and 12 180s?

Still doing the odd mtt grind session too, deep in the $11 $10k gtd and $3 $5k gtd today. So close and yet again getting it favorite in both to probally make the final table and it just doesnt happen! I will score that 4 digit bink soon!

Had a stake going in the 2/180s which didnt go that well was hoping to make it long term but theres quite abit of makeup so its kinda panned out. Happens I guess, I dont blame my horse just the varience in these are pretty shocking.

anyways just an update of my 2/180 progress. The upwards swing towards the end is obviously when I started to put more volume in! just need to keep it up.

12/180s- not too worried about this, from what Ive seen so far the 12s n 2s dont play that much different...

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