Saturday, 17 December 2011


Sorry for abandoning this blog whoever reads it... For the past few months since my last entry I have hardly played any poker. The motivation wasnt there and felt when I did play I couldnt wait for my session to end and would often tilt out of a few games just because I couldnt be arsed.

Now over the past week Ive slowly managed to get some motivation back for the 180s and I redeposited $157 to grind the $2.5/180s. So far my roll is at $236 after 70 games.

Going to try and get into some theory and learn more about the mathmatics of poker and watch a few vids.

will update more often :)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Jared Tandler rtr coup!

Well thanks to Yorkshire pud whos blog can be found here, Mr Jared Tandler author of thementalgameofpoker has agreed to do a Q&A session over at Raisetheriver, So sign up and become apart of the UK's No.1 poker forum.

Anyways since my last post Ive done nothing other than lose $$$ playing mtts again not doing well in anything else either. Think It all stems from the loss of motivation to play the $2.5/180s.

Ive decided I need to learn more about poker and Im not going to do that being stuck att mttsngs all my life. So im going back to cash starting at 10nl with $400 and get back into playing post flop.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back to normality! and Sep targets

Well my Bad run finished in the $2.5/180s atlast, Had a 30 game sesh last thursday and shipped two! about time aswell. Didnt stop there though on monday I finished 2nd in a $3r/180 should of tid but lost, my K7s v Q3s fucking 3 on the turn!. I Also have just come 3rd in a $8/180 so things are looking up. :)

Just finished my shift in at work too so Ive got a nice 4 days to grind. I Hope to do really well in september. I posted my goals at Raisetheriver But I think I might update them alittle.

[ ] Mix $8s and $3rs at 60/40 with the $2s

[ ] Play more than 500 combined

[ ] Reach $1200 Bankroll

[ ] Once above $1000 start taking shots in mtts again.

anyways will leave with ss of my 180 career lol at the swing ffs!

Bankroll: $700

Friday, 12 August 2011

$2.5/180s since I came back from holiday...

Cant say that ive changed anything to my normal game? just suffering the worse downswing in 3.5k games...

159 played since 26th of july -53.24 ROI -$211.63 LOL.

obviously im running shit...

Had to redeposit $200 to play them lastweek that was down to $50 at one point, just managed a 4th, 9th and a few min cashes today. Been so many beats in important spots early on the final tables.... heres for some run good!

Been also looking at my sharkscope @ the $2s, running at 3% roi over the last 1000 games..... is there a leak?

Bankroll $101

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Look, Long overdue update!

Well Its been ages since I last posted, way back in april when I had successfully rebuilt my bankroll from the withdraw for my car. Since then I withdrew again this time for car insurance/holiday to ibiza. I left myself $350 so it was back to the 2/180s for me.

Things havent really progressed much since the begining of june Im still turning a profit at the 2s but ive been playing the schedualed mtts and it doesnt take alot to deplete the roll. So as of today im sticking at the 2/180s untill my roll is at $350 then I will start mixing in a few 8s and 3rs. Cant belive I once had a $3k roll and was comfortably playing the old 12/180s. Now its a shocking $88 i need some rungood! (currently 9 tabling as I type this)

Decided to change the blog about abit and update the format. Going to be updating alot more hopefully I can stay motivated to play poker and blog about it. I think the pokerstars promotion allowing 10x faster vip levels towards platnum star has helped with that.

anyways will post updates on my roll and how im doing more often, Ive also added a twitter gadget so follow me and I do the same back,

I'll leave with a random pic :P

Monday, 11 April 2011

bad in the 2's good in the 12s.....

Well since last update in march Ive just been continuing to grind the 2s, 12s and 7/180 mans, Not massive volume but still trying to improve on that side. In the biggest downswing/breakeven stretch in my 2/180 career at the moment which is alittle worrying.

Maybe I'm looking into it too much because my 12/180 career is still going well and I cant see that I'm playing any different to the last 2000 2/180 mans. Suppose Its better to run good at the 12s than the 2s :P


Since the start of this year I sorted pokertracker 3 out to automatically track my sng tourneys, wish I had done this sooner easier than using sharkscope. Been a pretty profitable year so far.

Away from poker and Im going to old trafford to see the return leg v chelski on Tuesday managed to get a ticket from a lad at work thanks :P will only be my 2nd time there too cant wait, Hopefully utd will rap the tie up. 2-0 IMO!.

bankroll : $1920

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Just had a 9 table sesh ran pretty good to say the least!

Bankroll on the up! $1420

Friday, 11 March 2011

withdrawal, new car and no motivation!

Well for a few months Ive been itching to get a new car, Was driving around in a 59 reg 1.2 clio which I had from new. I was just so bored of it. Set my heart on a clio rs 200 so went to a Renault dealer one evening just to get my car valued for part exchange and came away with a new clio rs200 costing about £18k LOL. Basically was abit of an impulse buy and the monthly payments were well in my budget. To be honest I really didnt get the best deal. Never mind I received the car on the 2nd of march. I had to withdraw £1.2k of my poker roll for the deposit on the car so that leaves me with about £500 left and back down to the 2/180s for me.

This is where Ive lost my motivation to grind. Before the withdrawal I was putting in proper volume and seeing great results, playing at least 30 games a day. Now I cant be bothered. I did have my first decent session last night where I played 22 games,

19 - 2/180s net return = $9.68 thanks to a 3rd in last game (should of been 1st but lost a flip with AJ v 99 for massive cl. two min cashes also.

2 - 12/180s net return = $0. Didnt do anything wrong was deep in one and and basically was my 88 v AKs and villans fd got there on the turn.

1 - 7/180 net return = $93.10. finished 4th, Probably the most disappointing result of the night, Had a decent chip lead and was pretty confidant finishing 1st. Called a villains shove with AJ but lost v his 1010. that was half my stack gone and was pretty much downhill from there. Had around 6bb left a few hands later and was in BB blinds where 2500/5000. btn min raised I had 89s so shoved he flipped over KTo and I lost the race.

going to just try and put in more volume to rebuild the roll, Ive still got 3x $22 mtts to play which Ace from staked me in has a thank you for staking him before his big score a few weeks ago.

anyway bankroll now $760

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates, But I only blog when I'm winning...jokes. Had a few problems with volume over the last few weeks. Because I work continental shifts 4on 4off which rotates through the week. I find that when I'm off work when it lands on the weekend Its harder to play poker because the Mrs if off too and sitting on the pc for the whole weekend playing poker doesn't appeal to her as it does to me.

onto the poker front its been a steady month break even for most part due to playing quite a few scheduled mtts and not cashing that much. Still decent progress in the 180s. The 12/180s don't seem as daunting to play and I'm glad that there is progression there and I can start to really make money.

It reminds around the start of my 'poker career' when I used to play 10nl cash and over 50k hands I was a 10BB/100 + winner but I could never take a serious shot at 25nl and play over 10k hands. I was far to tilty taking the beats to heart not the right frame of mind to be in. The 180s are different yeah beats are still hard to take but it happens and I know I'm a long term winner in them.

Over the last few days think Ive put in the most volume I'm the 180s than I ever have. Been 12 tabling and just reloading when I bust in one, Getting pretty comfortable 12 tabling too. Just binked a 12/180 to top it off :)

Ive been looking at my stats for all the 180 mans I play by each year since I started in may 09. Glad im going in the right direction hopefully make $4k plus this year!

Bankroll atm: $2900