Monday, 11 April 2011

bad in the 2's good in the 12s.....

Well since last update in march Ive just been continuing to grind the 2s, 12s and 7/180 mans, Not massive volume but still trying to improve on that side. In the biggest downswing/breakeven stretch in my 2/180 career at the moment which is alittle worrying.

Maybe I'm looking into it too much because my 12/180 career is still going well and I cant see that I'm playing any different to the last 2000 2/180 mans. Suppose Its better to run good at the 12s than the 2s :P


Since the start of this year I sorted pokertracker 3 out to automatically track my sng tourneys, wish I had done this sooner easier than using sharkscope. Been a pretty profitable year so far.

Away from poker and Im going to old trafford to see the return leg v chelski on Tuesday managed to get a ticket from a lad at work thanks :P will only be my 2nd time there too cant wait, Hopefully utd will rap the tie up. 2-0 IMO!.

bankroll : $1920