Saturday, 14 July 2012

Heater + Baby news

Been on a nice little heater since I started back at the $2.5/180s on the 8th of July. Its a welcome change and lets hope it continues I actually have my brother in law to thank, hes just started playing poker and has been asking me about it. Ive been trying to teach him to become profitable and though that I got my motivation back. I want to get back to when I had a $3k roll and playing the $8s $15s etc. My bankroll is sitting at $400 and I'm just going to play the $2.5s until I reach $800 then start to mix in the $3.5rs and the $8s If they go well then at $1500 I will start to mix in the $15s. Profit so far: stats so far:
In other news the Wife is 18 weeks pregnant with our first child, 10th of dec the due date so its going to be a busy Christmas!