Monday, 26 September 2011

Jared Tandler rtr coup!

Well thanks to Yorkshire pud whos blog can be found here, Mr Jared Tandler author of thementalgameofpoker has agreed to do a Q&A session over at Raisetheriver, So sign up and become apart of the UK's No.1 poker forum.

Anyways since my last post Ive done nothing other than lose $$$ playing mtts again not doing well in anything else either. Think It all stems from the loss of motivation to play the $2.5/180s.

Ive decided I need to learn more about poker and Im not going to do that being stuck att mttsngs all my life. So im going back to cash starting at 10nl with $400 and get back into playing post flop.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back to normality! and Sep targets

Well my Bad run finished in the $2.5/180s atlast, Had a 30 game sesh last thursday and shipped two! about time aswell. Didnt stop there though on monday I finished 2nd in a $3r/180 should of tid but lost, my K7s v Q3s fucking 3 on the turn!. I Also have just come 3rd in a $8/180 so things are looking up. :)

Just finished my shift in at work too so Ive got a nice 4 days to grind. I Hope to do really well in september. I posted my goals at Raisetheriver But I think I might update them alittle.

[ ] Mix $8s and $3rs at 60/40 with the $2s

[ ] Play more than 500 combined

[ ] Reach $1200 Bankroll

[ ] Once above $1000 start taking shots in mtts again.

anyways will leave with ss of my 180 career lol at the swing ffs!

Bankroll: $700