Thursday, 28 January 2010

rush poker, new phone and lazy blogging

First of all sorry for being so lazy and not updating this blog enough. Will try and do a new post at least once a week from now on.

Since my last post ive still been grinding 10nl with a few shots at 25nl too, and that is still going very well.
Last week I bought a new phone nokia 5800 and I havent stopped fucking about with it since, which means ive hardly played much poker. The poker that I have played as all been on fulltilt's new rush poker. I didnt have any roll on FT so I deposited $40 from my stars account and ran it up to $120 at its highest point. The swings are crazy also tilting like a cock doesnt help.

rush poker graph:

10nl for January, about 250 hands at 25nl here too

I was all ready to go to the live event at creswell last post but I decided to check the postcode on their forum and noticed a post canceling the event because of the bad weather. Would of been my luck that getting there only to find that it wasnt on.

Daly said...
why are you playing $10nl if you have $1300 in your roll? not a dig just wondering

Im still playing 10nl because most of my roll was made in the 2/180s, im running at 8 PTBB/100 over 40k hands at 10nl I take shots at 25nl sometimes. dont feel as comfortable losing a buyin at 25nl has 10nl, which hopefully I can overcome.

Will do a goals post for feb over the weekend

Bankroll: $1360

Friday, 8 January 2010

january so far...

1st week in jan has been pretty decent for me cash wise, Ive hardly had any volume in the 2/180s, Just been playing 10nl and running hot. Ive got all into cash again, feels so much better learning, reading about cash strategy's theres so much more to the game when, compared with grinding mtts and sngs.

I also think playing the 2/180s and dealing with the redic variance in them has helped me cope at cash, I dont seem as tilty. so we'll see at the end of January how I am for the month and I might move up to 25nl for February.

Anyone thats into cash up to 100nl and more this blog that I found is pretty decent read and very interesting too, is certainly going help me with my game.

I still debating wether to go and play some live pokes tonight, seo from rtr lives not far from me and told me yesterday he goes to the rose and crown pub in creswell most fridays for a £11 torney. with about 20-25 runners. Im still very inexperienced playing live, dont feel totally comfortable yet, hope they dont ask me to deal lol.

will update on progress next week, cyas

bankroll: $1365

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Well happy newyear all.

Hopefully this year I can improve on what was a decent 2009. It really was my 1st full year taking poker seriously and turning a profit. Most of the monies made where from the 2/180s at stars then about $200 at 10nl, which puts the bankroll at around $1250 for 2010.



I'm quite disaponted with how my cash game progressed throughout the year, the first 4 months of last year I was doing really well, then since I found the 2/180s I kinda didnt put as much effort in the cash side. It didnt really help with the redic coolers and beats when I took shots at 25nl Think that put me off playing cash.

Goals for 2010:

Carry on beating the 2/180s
Move upto/take shots the 12/180s by Aug time or 3k bankroll
Find a decent live game to become a regular at to get used to live poker.
Have a $5k bankroll by Jan 2011.