Thursday, 28 January 2010

rush poker, new phone and lazy blogging

First of all sorry for being so lazy and not updating this blog enough. Will try and do a new post at least once a week from now on.

Since my last post ive still been grinding 10nl with a few shots at 25nl too, and that is still going very well.
Last week I bought a new phone nokia 5800 and I havent stopped fucking about with it since, which means ive hardly played much poker. The poker that I have played as all been on fulltilt's new rush poker. I didnt have any roll on FT so I deposited $40 from my stars account and ran it up to $120 at its highest point. The swings are crazy also tilting like a cock doesnt help.

rush poker graph:

10nl for January, about 250 hands at 25nl here too

I was all ready to go to the live event at creswell last post but I decided to check the postcode on their forum and noticed a post canceling the event because of the bad weather. Would of been my luck that getting there only to find that it wasnt on.

Daly said...
why are you playing $10nl if you have $1300 in your roll? not a dig just wondering

Im still playing 10nl because most of my roll was made in the 2/180s, im running at 8 PTBB/100 over 40k hands at 10nl I take shots at 25nl sometimes. dont feel as comfortable losing a buyin at 25nl has 10nl, which hopefully I can overcome.

Will do a goals post for feb over the weekend

Bankroll: $1360


Former Degenerate said...

Your doing the right thing man. Keep the buyins manageable and a level you are comfortable with. That way your roll will keep growing and you wont dont it off in a bad run.

United113 said...

you buy ins about right i think. 100 buy ins at NL10 is $1000 so do whatever you feel comfortable with!

James said...

Looks like you are going well in January - be interested to see your February goals. I think its always important to be comfortable with your buy-ins - when you leave the comfort zone is when things go wrong.

SammyR said...

"you buy ins about right i think. 100 buy ins at NL10 is $1000 so do whatever you feel comfortable with"

100 BI's is normally only required for HUNL. playing with that as your required bankroll size will just reduce your potential $/hr.

@blog owner, would love to hear what hand range your using for rush 10 & 25NL

ive been playing:

66+ AK utg
AK+,AQs+,KQs+,KQo+,55+ in ep
AJs+,KJs+,44+ in mp
AJo+,KJo+, 22+ in CO

I 3bet btn raises I believe to be steals ( about 60% of them at least) with: 78s+,66+,AJ+,KQ+

seems to work for me.

adz said...

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Will said...

and how did you got the fulltilts app rush poker runnin on the nokia 5800?? i always receiva an error like: "install flashplayer first"


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