Friday, 12 August 2011

$2.5/180s since I came back from holiday...

Cant say that ive changed anything to my normal game? just suffering the worse downswing in 3.5k games...

159 played since 26th of july -53.24 ROI -$211.63 LOL.

obviously im running shit...

Had to redeposit $200 to play them lastweek that was down to $50 at one point, just managed a 4th, 9th and a few min cashes today. Been so many beats in important spots early on the final tables.... heres for some run good!

Been also looking at my sharkscope @ the $2s, running at 3% roi over the last 1000 games..... is there a leak?

Bankroll $101

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Look, Long overdue update!

Well Its been ages since I last posted, way back in april when I had successfully rebuilt my bankroll from the withdraw for my car. Since then I withdrew again this time for car insurance/holiday to ibiza. I left myself $350 so it was back to the 2/180s for me.

Things havent really progressed much since the begining of june Im still turning a profit at the 2s but ive been playing the schedualed mtts and it doesnt take alot to deplete the roll. So as of today im sticking at the 2/180s untill my roll is at $350 then I will start mixing in a few 8s and 3rs. Cant belive I once had a $3k roll and was comfortably playing the old 12/180s. Now its a shocking $88 i need some rungood! (currently 9 tabling as I type this)

Decided to change the blog about abit and update the format. Going to be updating alot more hopefully I can stay motivated to play poker and blog about it. I think the pokerstars promotion allowing 10x faster vip levels towards platnum star has helped with that.

anyways will post updates on my roll and how im doing more often, Ive also added a twitter gadget so follow me and I do the same back,

I'll leave with a random pic :P