Friday, 31 July 2009

Last poker for two weeks

Well tonight is the last night for poker for 2 whole weeks. I'm going to use it to play some mtts that I don't normally register for.

ipoker: $5.50 $10k speed rebuy --->update: nowhere near cash.
10+$1 $10k freezeout. --> update: came 53rd for $33
pokerstars: $3.30 $50k rebuy. ---> update: nowhere near cash.

I will also play some 2/180s too. lets hope I hit a nice score :)

On other poker fronts ive started to play fixed limit bonus whoring. I logged into my partypoker account and found a $75 waiting for me if I reach 450 points. Ive already had $15 from that playing last night and this afternoon. Played 900 hands of $0.5/1 for a profit of $7 + the $15 bonus. so going ok there. With me going on hols from tomorrow I rang party poker up about the bonus, stating that by the time I get back from holiday the bonus will have expired. To my surprise they canceled the remaining releases and said to ring them when I get back and they will restart it. So I'm getting the $15 free :D

Anyway off win some mtts. wish me luck!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Holiday + bankroll

Well Since my last post/brag Ive had quite a downswing. Happens alot, I do quite well then the poker gods decide to bring me back down. Few bad beats and I become spewy and start playing other games than the 2/180s. Such as the 3/180 re buys which are great if I don't re buy but Ive found that on some occasions Ive used $12 and not cashed. Ive been so close to a big score in them also. Just finishing shy of the final table with some redic beats. If anyone has a decent bankroll and don't mind a 30min re buy period the 3/180's at stars are great value. 1st is about $490. min cash is around $19.

As of now I wont be playing and cash games what so ever. Ive lost my edge completely in them. I used to be pretty good at one stage. I will return to them one day its just mtts n sngs are so much easier to build a roll with. They don't tilt me like cash tabs do. My bankroll was down to $860 after my downswing at 2/180's and losing a few buyins at 10nl. Was 2 tabling .5/1 limit at one point which I know very little about. Shipped a 2/180 earlier so that's brought me out of my swing.

I'm off on hols to Corfu with the missus and another couple, but the mortgage for the house comes out the day before we go. This leaves me skint and with only around £300 spendo for a week at b&b. So I'm thinking of dipping into my poker fund to help with the hols. Going to take £150 out. Ive decided on that amount but not fully decided if I'm going to take it heh. Will see what my funds are like when I get paid on thurs!

In reply to Yorkshire pud:
Nice roll you're building there.Are you going to mix in some 4/180s too as you are certainly rolled for them and seem to be killing the $2's

I find the 4/180s too slow m8, I've played them in the past and probably would to fine. Going to stick at the 2/180s and mix in some 3/180 rebuy's I think

thx for the comment :)

bankroll: $970

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

$1K mark

Well its offical Ive reached $1k, it was last night before bed that I decided to 4 table $2.20/180 mans. In the past Ive felt too spewy playing 4. I felt in control this time and played great poker. I got deep in all 4. busting out in 24th, 11th 11th and 3rd. I really should of made more than 1 final table, Had average stacks in all 4 coming towards the money bubble.

The only proper reason Ive only 2 tabled in the past was so I had enough space on my screen to play football manager at the same time. It kept me entertained until I needed to concentrate and play the big hands. what a retarded way to play!.

anyways just a short post, i'l brighten it up with some screenshots.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Long time since last post!

Sorry I havent updated in a while for whoever reads this. Since my last post on the 3rd of june ive dumped cash tables all together and moved all my roll over to pokerstars.

I'm currently playing the $2.20/180 man turbos to great success. I have only really been 2 tabling them.

Ive recently started 4 tabling but my play seems to suffer, I will sort this out though. I think I need to relax about my bankroll too because Im being way to nitty I should of moved up from the 2.20's already. Stars have just added a new 3.30/180 rebuy turbo, which looks really profitable. 1st pays out around $450 and the rebuy is only for 30mins.

anyways going to go and have a bash at the 3.30/180 mans! bye.

Bankroll $920