Friday, 31 July 2009

Last poker for two weeks

Well tonight is the last night for poker for 2 whole weeks. I'm going to use it to play some mtts that I don't normally register for.

ipoker: $5.50 $10k speed rebuy --->update: nowhere near cash.
10+$1 $10k freezeout. --> update: came 53rd for $33
pokerstars: $3.30 $50k rebuy. ---> update: nowhere near cash.

I will also play some 2/180s too. lets hope I hit a nice score :)

On other poker fronts ive started to play fixed limit bonus whoring. I logged into my partypoker account and found a $75 waiting for me if I reach 450 points. Ive already had $15 from that playing last night and this afternoon. Played 900 hands of $0.5/1 for a profit of $7 + the $15 bonus. so going ok there. With me going on hols from tomorrow I rang party poker up about the bonus, stating that by the time I get back from holiday the bonus will have expired. To my surprise they canceled the remaining releases and said to ring them when I get back and they will restart it. So I'm getting the $15 free :D

Anyway off win some mtts. wish me luck!

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