Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Long time since last post!

Sorry I havent updated in a while for whoever reads this. Since my last post on the 3rd of june ive dumped cash tables all together and moved all my roll over to pokerstars.

I'm currently playing the $2.20/180 man turbos to great success. I have only really been 2 tabling them.

Ive recently started 4 tabling but my play seems to suffer, I will sort this out though. I think I need to relax about my bankroll too because Im being way to nitty I should of moved up from the 2.20's already. Stars have just added a new 3.30/180 rebuy turbo, which looks really profitable. 1st pays out around $450 and the rebuy is only for 30mins.

anyways going to go and have a bash at the 3.30/180 mans! bye.

Bankroll $920

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