Tuesday, 21 July 2009

$1K mark

Well its offical Ive reached $1k, it was last night before bed that I decided to 4 table $2.20/180 mans. In the past Ive felt too spewy playing 4. I felt in control this time and played great poker. I got deep in all 4. busting out in 24th, 11th 11th and 3rd. I really should of made more than 1 final table, Had average stacks in all 4 coming towards the money bubble.

The only proper reason Ive only 2 tabled in the past was so I had enough space on my screen to play football manager at the same time. It kept me entertained until I needed to concentrate and play the big hands. what a retarded way to play!.

anyways just a short post, i'l brighten it up with some screenshots.


theshocker7 said...

nice one mate!! my banroll is going the other way at the moment :-(

question which footie manager are you playing? if its FM09 how can you play poker and it at the same time as they both need a screen each?

ps - you have my old blog linked - you wanna update it?

C said...

alright mate, just had a good read of your blog! could i get a link up of mine please?
www.exsnowman.blogspot.com (A Year In The Life)

rich said...

@ theshocker yea sure np will add u to my list, also I play fm windowed and overlap my 2 tables to the right hand side. fm @ left hand.

sure no probs!

rich said...


I cant comment on ur blog btw, I click on post a comment and it does nothing lol.

Yorkshire Pud said...

Nice roll you're building there.

Are you going to mix in some 4/180s too as you are certainly rolled for them and seem to be killing the $2's