Sunday, 3 January 2010


Well happy newyear all.

Hopefully this year I can improve on what was a decent 2009. It really was my 1st full year taking poker seriously and turning a profit. Most of the monies made where from the 2/180s at stars then about $200 at 10nl, which puts the bankroll at around $1250 for 2010.



I'm quite disaponted with how my cash game progressed throughout the year, the first 4 months of last year I was doing really well, then since I found the 2/180s I kinda didnt put as much effort in the cash side. It didnt really help with the redic coolers and beats when I took shots at 25nl Think that put me off playing cash.

Goals for 2010:

Carry on beating the 2/180s
Move upto/take shots the 12/180s by Aug time or 3k bankroll
Find a decent live game to become a regular at to get used to live poker.
Have a $5k bankroll by Jan 2011.

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