Wednesday, 17 February 2010

fuck off cash again...

meh, ive totally spewed off about $200 playing cash over the past week, bout $100 at rush on FT an $100 on purple lounge after getting off to a great start playing solid Ive just totally fucked up my cash game. was down to my last $50 at Fulltilt so decided to spin that up playing 50nl rush. lost it in my 1st hand with A7, A on flop, villan had AJ which was so fucking obvious. Kind of my biggest set back for a while. At the end of Jan I was nearly touching $1500 bankroll, now its sat at $1135, so ive rounded all my money up and put it all back on stars and im going back to grinding the 180mans. will have to sign up to poker idol some other day tripz dont feel good playing else where other than pstars atm.

maybe cash isnt for me, I dont study nowhere near enough as I should be. just stuck on a skill level which I dont see getting past.

Least with Mtts I might luckbox a decent score someday.

and I aint even doing that well at the 2/180s anymore, my ROI is dropping quite fast, 41% over 1100 games pretty annoying. need to get motivated.

anyway just a rant post, annoyed at myself for losing some of my roll so easily..

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United113 said...

41% over 1100 games pretty annoying

Is that bad?what ROI should you be looking at?