Monday, 15 March 2010

Cash game stats

Pokertracker 3 updated their software to allow the old cryptologic hands to be stored in the database, ive been waiting for this for quite some time. So Since I started playing cash, Ive got all my 10nl career in PT3. Anyway heres my stats: any comments would be nice.

Think I need to just accept that im going to be playing cash and mtts, instead of moaning like my last post and embrace the variance which Ive not properly been hit with yet at 10nl. 20nl and 25nl is a different story but I still hope to move up soon.

Blogger United113 said...

41% over 1100 games pretty annoying

Is that bad?what ROI should you be looking at?

14 March 2010 19:19

I not sure mate just that I was near the 60% mark a few hundred games back, still ok I guess.

Bankroll: $1400


FutureInsights said...

Have you done any of the challenges in the FTP academy? I built up quite a roll - starting with the courses tab under lessons. Right from the beginning (though you might want to start with Microstakes, and work up to Betting Basics, and then go on).

Bankroll Management is key. I try not to lose more than 10% at a sitting now. I had my time on Rush where I blew large stacks. No more.

Good Luck out there

Alvin Smith said...

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