Wednesday, 27 October 2010

married man!

well thats pretty much me fucked for life haha. only joking rach (if you secretly read my blog):P dont really think I should write much about it, because it would go on for ages and I dont think anyone is interested about what happened in great detail anyway!

Basically it all went without a hitch, She looked amazing and the next day we fooked off to marmaris, turkey for 2 weeks which was great id recommend it to anyone!

On the poker front its still going pretty well, Ive been working on my volume since I got back. I just need to use my day's off from work better. Too bad the 180 men on stars are slow at 8am to midday to fill. Makes me less motivated when I bust to reload because of the wait time!

Binked my 1st 3r/180 yesterday for $570, highest Ive seen the prizepool in them too which made it even more sweeter. Actually had a great day yesterday got deep in the $3 $3k gtd on stars came 11th/1500+ for a measly $43. Wish they would payout to a lesser field in these donkaments. who the fuck wants to play for 5 hours and min cash for $5.

I'll post a sharkscope graph for the 2,12s and 3r/180s together. Im losing at the 12's atm but its only over a very small sample. one decent cash should sort that out.

bankroll: $2500

bye 4 now


Yorkshire Pud said...

Nice graph mate and congrats on the wedding!

Have you thought about sticking some cash on another site where the fields aren't as huge?

rich said...

cheers yp, yea Ive looked into that in the past and probally will sometime. Do you have any recommendations?

Yorkshire Pud said...

At our stakes Full Tilt has some decent ones with less than 600 runners.

Betfair has some great tournies but I find at the micros the field sizes can be quite big

Various ipoker sites have fields of 200-500 and I can get you 45-50% rakeback too!

Amatay said...

gg life

nah, jokes. n1 m8 :)