Saturday, 14 February 2009

friday the 13th unlucky for some?

well for people expecting to see me post saying ive lost my bankroll, wrong!

its not about poker actually, Im currently at my gf's came up for the weekend to spend Valentine's with her. too bad shes poorly :( only gone and picked up that sickness virus so here I am at 1am on her laptop surfing poker info and updating my blog. Shes only really just stopped being sick and is now asleep! bless. hope she gets well soon.

wont be playing poker till Sunday night when im back home. I remember when i used to play before Christmas I was such a poor player. Have been looking at my hh's calling raises with AK etc. 2bb rasing with AA KK and wondering why some donk hit his flush with 10 4s. I wasnt a big fish that lost buyin after buyin, just someone who knew very little about the game.

anyways going to sleep night!

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