Monday, 16 February 2009

Bankroll peak

Since last post Ive played some more will hill 10nl and 20nl. about 450 hands. and not had a losing session, Keep anticipating it though. I'm waiting for the downswing or bad beat, feels like its close. I know I shouldn't be thinking in this way! My game feels like its getting better, I'm more confident being aggressive and knowing when I'm beat easier to fold now.

Had $20 left I'm my party poker account so thought I would play some 25nl. got to about $30 then lost most of it to my QQ v 88, the villain hit his set on the flop and I was toast! which is a shame but it didnt bother me that much. probably would of if it was my will hill account.

Im planning on moving upto 20nl full time when I reach 15 buyins which is £300. That is really depending on how comfortable I feel playing at that limit all the time. I take shots now and again and can hold my own. Think If I did move up I would drop back down to 10nl if my bankroll becomes less than 10 buyins for 20nl.

Maybe I should work on multi tabling before moving up any limits any thoughts?


Will Hill = £200


Yorkshire Pud said...

Whilst the play at NL20 is shockingly bad mate, I think 15 BI is slightly under-rolled as you will have some semi-large swings due to the fish calling you with all sorts of hands.

When I play cash I will take a shot with 20BI but drop to the previous stakes when I hit 15.

Just my $0.02!

rich said...

yea might go that way mate, plus ive only played around 6000 hands @ 10nl so prob need more experience

Wilhelm Österberg said...

I agree with Yorkshire Pud. A few extra buyins will ensure stability and reduce psychological pressure. Are you just playing one table right now? I find playing a few tables helps you play better as it is easier not to get impatient and play too many marginal hands.

rich said...

hi Wilhelm :)

I start with 1 tab, then progress to 2 as the session goes on. doing ok atm £250 bankroll. hit abit of a cooler atm though (lost nearly 4 buyins lastnight and yesterday)