Sunday, 8 February 2009

will hill

well Ive been on fire at will hill, just playing at .10nl got my roll upto £90. Playing a tagish game.

Its the 1st update for a bit this is due to me not being arsed and playing shit poker at party. my roll there is now £45 down from £150 at its maxium. Just been running shit at the sngs, then tilting my cash away at $0.50/1 limit. lost a buyin there and then a buying at $.10/.25nl.

Think I need to work on that side of my game if I'm going to maintain a decent bankroll. Discipline is soo important. im going to use the remainder of my party roll which works out to about $65 on the $6 sng's and if that goes then I need to evaluate what the leaks could be.

edit 1.00am:

Just Played about 350 hands at willhill, 2 tabling, and made £35 which was nice, Just played a solid aggressive game. some of the play at these limits is shocking. on the down side played 5 sng's at pp coming 2nd once. so that bankroll is depleted really now.

bankroll: partypoker = £30 willhill = £125

also anybody know any decent rakeback deals with the new willhill ipoker site?


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