Friday, 30 January 2009

Back in action....

At willhill!, Well my £1.85 that I turned into £6 is now £35, was scouting for tables at .005/.10 and found a real fishy one over 60% ppf. quickly made the £6 into £15. Left the table as the action was drying up and couldn't find another decent table at that level. Thought fuck it will try 0.10/0.20, there was also a really fishy table (well more than one) and sat down. To my right were 2 fish running at 83/35/2 24hands and 65/30/1 45 hands. great position. over the next 30mins I got to £35, through probaly alittle luck and great play :D.

I swear my only problem on cash tables is when I get bored and start doing silly raises.

Not been so good on the party poker front. lost a few sng's and decided to play some cash tables. $0.10/0.25 and lost a buyin. The buying I lost was silly really. I had been playing quite a tight game and there was this other guy also playing tight EP, Looser LP. I tried to beat him at it which sounds strange, but basically he limped UTG, I was on the button with Q10s and raised he called flop was 9AA, I checked, he checked turn was a 10. I raised, he called etc. River the same. and he had A5. Kinda put me on tilt and lost the rest the next few hands after.

In the above hand I tried to but the villain on K9s or 10,9s obviously I was wrong think its a skill I need to brush up on.

anyways going to watch Fringe which I downloaded earler, great show! kinda remindes me of the xfiles but less geeky.

Party = £105 willhill = £35

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