Tuesday, 20 January 2009

What a cunt

Well as the title says! I had like $47 in my cardoza account a few weeks ago and have just dwindled it down to $0, Playing $3 50man sngs and playing silly limits at cash tables. Take last night for example I had about $23 remaining and instead of playing low limit cash tables and building up my roll I entered 2 $11 30man sng. Now I believe I can win these games but my bankroll cant support me when I loose.

1st sng finished one away from the cash. Played quite well . The 2nd game I started off solid and was was chip leader with 12 players left. So I decided to get involved in a pot for most of my stack with A9 off suit in early pos, I Missed the flop and maybe should of checked but I bet out with the intention to fold if re raised, the fish just called and proceeded to do so till the river and it cost me a lot when he won with TPLK (k4)

I made the final table with around 3000 chips and the blinds were 300/600 ended up pushing with J10s on the button and lost to pocket 3's

Party poker = £82 Willhill =£25 Total = £107

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I just found your blog, great posts ;)

Keep playing, and good luck with boosting your bankrool in the micro stakes.