Tuesday, 20 January 2009

concentration and man utd

shifted abit of my bankroll about, decided to deposit into my pokerstars account well that's after I had found my passport, what a load of shit that is felt like I was signing my life away. I am going to use my Pokerstars account just for SNG's Mainly the $4.40 180 man. Just finished playing now and did quite well was 2nd out of 26 at one point with over 20000 chips, I was playing with one eye on poker and the other on the utd match on tv. which is where the concentration thing comes in,

I was alerted to the sound of beeping which took my attention off the telly, my hole cards were 83o in the BB and i didnt notice that UTG, UTG+1 AND MP1 had called the BB The SB had completed the BB. The flop came 263 in my eyes I thought it was just Me and the SB in the pot, it looked like he had it on auto check, I decided to steel and raised all in. and there u go UTG had AA :P I finished 15th and made $8.64. I shall take one down!!

I should also take note never to make any decisions without looking at the table and who's involved 1st!

Bank roll:

Party= £82 Pokerstars £20 total £102

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