Saturday, 24 January 2009

something about saturdays

Well the the 2nd consecutive sat Ive played poker while my girlfriend is at work, on her laptop.
Not using PT and the hud and made a decent profit.

Played for about 90mins and made $50 relatively easy, just playing abc poker. I think I try to be too fancy and think about it too much, while I have the huds loaded.

On a bad note the money I put into poker stars is almost at $0. was playing 3x $5.50 45man sngs and tilted on them all lost a few pots and just thought fuck it. I can see why bankroll management is so important now. I shouldnt be playing $.5.50 sng's with a $20 bankroll at stars. Made the money on a few games there, came 15/180man 4/27man but just lost the doe again. I am going to study strategy more on the MTT's before investing more of my bankroll there.

Am going for a Chinese tonight at a posh/expensive restaurant for my 21 1st birthday with my gf, a present from her mum and dad. cant wait, shirt and shoes jobby. Chinese food is so fucking nice,

anyway enough about that think I will do some sort of review about my poker situation on Monday till then bye.

16:40 just had another good session so the total today = $72


Partypoker = £138 (all the others under £2) Total = £138-142

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