Friday, 9 January 2009

Bankroll and a decent week so far

Just got back from work thought i would post before hitting will hill for a bit. Ive decided to start my bankroll again as of this year. Normally I would just deposit win, withdraw, as mentioned briefly in yesterdays post.

On Monday 5th of Jan I deposited £5 into my William Hill account. Fired up PT and scouted for fishy/loose players sat down at the tables. This only going off my own recorded data, cant data mine will hill which is unfortunate. Couldn't find anybody so just sat down at the highest Players/flop and pot sized £.05/.10.

I always try to play tight for at least 20hands just to observe and such. There was a guy to my 2 places right running at 46/10/.6

BTN: £4.55
SB: £10.10
BB: £11.01
UTG: £11.07
MP: £15.80
Hero (CO): £6.80

Pre Flop: (£0.15) Hero is CO with 3h 3s
1 fold, MP raises to £0.40, Hero calls £0.40, 2 folds, BB calls £0.30

Flop: (£1.25) 3d Qh 8d (3 players)
BB checks, MP checks, Hero bets £0.60, BB calls £0.60, MP folds

Turn: (£2.45) 9d (2 players)
BB bets £1, Hero calls £1

River: (£4.45) 4s (2 players)
BB bets £2.30, Hero raises to £4.75 all in, BB calls £2.45

Final Pot: £13.95
BB shows Qs Jd (A Pair of Queens, Jack high)
Hero shows 3h 3s (Three of a kind, Threes, Queen high)
Hero wins £13.30
(Rake: £0.65)

I decided to call with it being 3way and was a nice double up.

There were a few other smallish pots where I had TPTK and just was value betting against the fishes. so ended up £11 up.

On Tuesday I had just an hour and managed to do 62hands which is awful volume, I still ended the session with £22 profit. Wednesday was a different story in terms to volume but not to profit. I ran so well at the tables think some of it was down to my good play too. At the end of the day I had made £55 Playing over 270+ hands. Here are a few key hands:

UTG: £16.32
Hero (MP): £6.91
CO: £9.22
BTN: £13.80
SB: £3.40
BB: £4.00

Pre Flop: (£0.15) Hero is MP with Kc Qs
1 fold, Hero raises to £0.50, 3 folds, BB calls £0.40

Flop: (£1.05) 6c As Kh (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets £0.80, BB calls £0.80

Turn: (£2.65) Ac (2 players)
BB bets £2.70 all in, Hero calls £2.70

River: (£8.05) 2d (2 players - 1 is all in)

Final Pot: £8.05
Hero shows Kc Qs (Two Pairs, Aces and Kings, Queen high)
BB shows 3s 8s (A Pair of Aces, King high)
Hero wins £7.65
(Rake: £0.40)

It was the villans instant all in that suprised me because why would u instantly go all in with trip aces so it was a easy call and his hand showed that.

CO: £16.42
Hero (BTN): £4.19
SB: £9.27
BB: £14.40
UTG: £3.21
MP: £2.44

Pre Flop: (£0.15) Hero is BTN with 4d 4c
1 fold, MP calls £0.10, CO calls £0.10, Hero raises to £0.50, 1 fold, BB calls £0.40, MP calls £0.40, 1 fold

Flop: (£1.65) 2s 5h 4h (3 players)
BB checks, MP bets £0.40, Hero raises to £1, BB folds, MP calls £0.60

Turn: (£3.65) Kd (2 players)
MP bets £0.94 all in, Hero calls £0.94

River: (£5.53) 7h (2 players - 1 is all in)

Final Pot: £5.53
Hero shows 4d 4c (Three of a kind, Fours, King high)
MP shows 5s 6s (A Pair of Fives, King high)
Hero wins £5.26
(Rake: £0.27)

On Thursday I had a great session at Will hill playing over 90 hands and making £20 I decided to fire up party poker had about $10 from before the New year in there and played over 200 hands at $0.15/$0.25 and made about £30

anyway would love to add more hands but this post is dragging on a bit.

Would appreciate comments on how to improve layout and wording etc.

Thanks Rich.

Bank Roll = Aprox* £100


Amatay said...

alright m8, i'll get u linked up. Why dont u sign upto raisetheriver mate?? gd little forum plus there is a league starting on Sun. only 5 bucks buyin. get involved. write a small intro post and mention me or summat :-) it will get more people reading this blog aswell, gl

rich said...

Nice one cheers. yea sure i'll sign up :D