Sunday, 11 January 2009

Good weekend!

Just had my gf over for the weekend (live apart Sheffield to Durham)which obviously means no poker while shes here doesn't condone it. Well until I'm buying her stuff with my winnings i guess. Been with her for over 3 years now and will soon be living together.

Just got back in time from taking her to the train station to see man utd score the 3rd against the Chavski scum! Now the rest of Sunday is for poker! Am going to join a RTR forum game tonight at 8.30 which was kindly recommended to me by Amatay.

Anyway this is just going to be short and sweet and shall probably post later tonight hopefully in profit!

Edit 8pm

Well the Tourney is being played on Cardoza which is with Ipoker network just deposited $25 there and the Tourney is $5.50 buy in.

Just been playing some $0.10/0.20 and have made $15 which is a nice start. The tables seem pretty fishy. Got paid off from a massive donk who was slow playing pocket 9's (low flop) and I hit with a overcard on the river, also had the flush draw post flop and just semi bluffed to the river.

Well the tourney starts in 15mins wish me luck!

Well didn't do to bad I suppose lasted nearly an hour came 14th out 22. I had around 4800 chips at one point and maybe i should of played abit tighter after that, but lost a few position raises to silly cbets. Then around 2500chips lost pocket 10's v AK, all in preflop. Was happy with the race coin flip really. ah well next time.

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