Thursday, 8 January 2009

History and Stats


Well I'll start off with how my game progressed throughout 2008. I started playing poker seriously back in summer of 07. I had always been interested in playing but not so interested in using my own cash :P

I decided enough was enough and started to deposit into various clients. I spent a good year all over the place, up and down just breaking even. This was because I hadn't studied the game enough.

Anybody who's reading this blog and is in the same sort of situation as I was back then, playing without much knowledge I cant state how important it is to read about table position, pot odds and bankroll management plus lots of other stuff. is a good place to start.

So at this moment I am currently playing at Will hill and Party Poker on the £0.05/0.10 and $0.15/0.25 tables respectively. I bought Poker tracker 3 about a month ago cant tell you how useful its been reviewing my game and other peoples. I'm actually using PT2 (get it free with PT3) because PT3 doesn't support Willhill (crypto) yet.

My stats in PT2 are quite good reading, and I can see where Ive been going wrong. Over the past 7000 hands I am 33/15/1.4 which looks horrible and over a long time i would probably be losing, but I am about $270 to the good according to PT. Now due to bad bankroll management I didn't really build much, I just kept winning £40 £20 £60 etc and depositing it back to my bank. I never kept any inside Poker. Since I started analysing my game my stats are down to 29/20/2.7 but that is only with about 2000 hands, hardly nothing.

Anyways its late so I'll post more about how Ive been running this week on the tables tomorrow.


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