Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Multi tabling

was playing one table of $0.15/0.25 and ended $55 up with in an hour at around 8pm. I quit and decided to watch 24. After that had finished I thought i would try multi tabling for a bit to see how i progressed. Kinda did a mix and match of 4 tables.

Three at will hill, two at £.0.05/0.10 and one at 0.03/0.06. and one fishy table on party poker $0.15/0.25 after about 420 hands of poker i ended up about $6 up. That was due to some nice cards @ party.

Felt as if my mindset had changed after I had watch 24 (damn Jack Bauer!) so from being $55 up from the beginning of the night I had lost $49 multi tabling. I think this was down to me constantly totting up my profit throughout the four tables and trying to hard to make up losses.

Think I might stick to two at the moment, just thank god I used money I'd already won or my

bankroll would of been down quite abit.

Decided to play some sngs on Cardoza played Three. came 1st 3rd 5th for a grand total of $11


Will hill = £30 party poker = £35 Cardoza = £31 Total = £96

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