Thursday, 16 April 2009

MTTs + Sngs

Last week snake_eyes from RTR suggested That I put all my doe into pokerstars and play the 180man $4.40 sngs. I already had $120 in there + another $300 in my interpoker account if I needed it.

Had some ok games at first finishing around the bubble, finished 5th once. Then today took one down! a nice $212 profit.

At around 4pm today I entered a $1.10 MTT (3k prize pool) and am still in it now! Currently 6/20. There were over 4500 people who signed up. Will update later with my progress.

Anyway My bankroll:

Pokerstars £205 interpoker £200


Finished 16th for a shitty $11. Decide to steel with K9 UTG, maybe not a good idea table was tight though. Button calls my raise. I Flop straight. 910JQK. I get it all in and he turns over AK for the higher straight. Fair enough..........


theshocker7 said...

hello mate good to see a fellow blogger at the same kind of limits as me... hopefully we'll both rise up quickly eh!

anyways i will link your blog to mine, can you do the same for me?

Starlight Coast said...

Just found your blog from a link in your sig at RTR. Nice finish in that MTT. May only have been $11 but you made 10x your buy-in so that is excellent. The small buy-ins that you play and I do as well, the final table is the only place the real money starts showing up. Going to add your blog to my blog list. Take care.

rich said...

thanks for the comments, yea sure i'll link you up shocker.

Starlight yea ive seen you posting at rtr too. i'll add ya to my list too.

Going to post an update later today, I need to start blogging more!! I seem to only do it when I win big :P