Thursday, 26 November 2009

bloggerment and 2/180's

Well I didnt really do much in the prop bet, didnt really get the hands then I had to start shoving light, I did do well in the bloggerment though finishing 3rd for $20 exit had was my KTo aipf v 99 and the bigstacks j8. J on the flop and we didnt improve.

I did mention last post that I was going to give the 3/45s a crack but Ive not played one since, Just still grinding the 2/180s ive not really been succesful in them this month, $46 down. I should be playing more volume though to overide the varience.

To force me to play more I decided to start a 2/180 prop bet with the peeps at $20 side bet pot from all the participtants and whoever makes to most $$$ takes it. Im quite confidant I'll do well its over a 100 games so hopefully the varience wont be to harsh.

Ive also deposited £50 onto ladbrooks to play some small field mtts instead of the donk fest of the stars 1235635 field torneys. Ive just regd for a 3k 2.5 euro rebuy 477 entrants, one time!!

anyways bankroll: $1075


dD said...

linked u up rich :)

rich said...

cheers m8, linked u up also

Yorkshire Pud said...

Very nice graph sir, proves that a decent player comes out on top over a decent enough sample size