Wednesday, 18 January 2012

past year

Just been trying to get to the bottom of my lack of success at the 2.5/180s. I know that Ive been in a few awful swings but I didnt think there was much I could do other than up my volume and try to play through the varience. Im down to my last $100 so once that goes im not redepositing. Im not going to deposit all the cash Ive won back into poker whats the point. Oh and the irony is that the car I bought last march that I cleared out my bankroll for a deposit, im getting rid. Currently in £2100 of negative equity with it but mrs want rid and I can see why.

anyways my awful past 12months graph at the 2/180s

1 comment:

dD said...

more swings than the ftse100 !
if the $100 goes, will you not be playing ??