Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Great start to the month.

Well I'm still grinding the 2/180s at stars to great results. Since my last post Ive hit a 1st 2nd and 3rd finish and I really should of come 1st in them all. Ive made a few little changes in my strat also, well they where leaks. Ive stopped playing AQ all together early on. This is normally linked with me tilting so if I have a urge to play it then I know im beginning to tilt. Limping with suited connectors too just bleeding chips that I don't need to.

In my last session I played two sets of 4 tables. Which in the past haven't gone to well but im starting to get used to it now.

At the beginning of each month now I'm going to set goals to pass, hopefully this well spur me on to keep up the volume and interested.

  • Reach $1.5k
  • Play every 2/180 the same.
  • increase volume to 16 a day.
  • Keep taking shots at the $11 mtt @ stars.
bankroll: $1020

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