Friday, 11 September 2009

500 Mark

500 2/180's that is. Not much to comment on really, I just need to keep it up and stop tossing odd games away when I cant be arsed to play. Over the past 3 nights reached a final table each night coming 1st x2 and a 5th. It didn't even take that much effort to as well, I really wish the 4/180s were turbo. I'm going to email stars about it! Anyway Stats below.

Played in the syndicate that I mentioned in a few posts back. I got nowhere, out pretty early when I raised preflop with AK the BB called then a short stack pushed all in, I shipped and the BB decided to come along with 33 the shit bag, he had me covered. The short stack flipped over AK and we didn't improve.

Its late so I'm off to bed night..

Bankroll: $1115


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