Wednesday, 7 October 2009


well just a short post because im being lazy,

Ive gone on a massive downswing at the 2/180s, down over a $100. not made a final table in over 70 games. Ive been told its just varience but fuck me the beats are shocking.

so ive been playing alot of cash tables, doing pretty well, I even was mixing in some 25nl tables with my 10nl, and doing really well. then it comes. Like it has every time ive moved up to 25nl. Lost 3 buyins ($75) in about 100 hands. I'll not bore you with the hands but lets say I got it in good and the river was awesome. I did tilt about $15 away so thats when I quit.

So atm my poker is not so good, will update more in the next couple of days

bankroll $950

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BurnleyMik said...

Just stick at it mate. Variance is just a bitch we have to handle.