Monday, 19 October 2009

back to basics.

well Ive gone back to just grinding the 2/180's Ive upped the volume to pretty good results. I'm going to leave cash alone for abit because I need to build my roll and I can achieve that quicker playing the 2/180's. I'm almost out of my downswing there thanks to 2x 2nd place finishes in 8 games. Need to work on my headsup game:(

Since Ive upped my volume its felt easier to handle the bad beats, anyways here's my most recent stats.

bankroll : $1050


Dremeber said...


How much of these do you play at the same time?

rich said...

sets of 4 m8, there so soft its silly, just the redic beats u have to deal with

Amatay said...

nice results m8, wd

BurnleyMik said...

That is a mighty impressive graph for the 2/180's mate. Very well played.