Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Change of plan and 3r180 chop

Just a short update.

So much for the goals from last post. I didnt stick the plan of only playing $2.5s. Loaded up 2x $3r180s and struck a decent deal HU in one:

Chip stacks Villan - 551K rchpro - 349K
1st was for $563 and 2nd $375
Chopped for $425

Chopping is gay but thought it was a really good deal.
Going to start with 2 x $8/180s and 1 x $3r180 per 9 table session then once I reach $1K bankroll I will probally play 4x$8 2x 3r180s and 3x$2.5.

Bankroll: $760

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