Friday, 15 May 2009

Dealing with Tilt

I'm really working on playing past tilt, Ive noticed that at the beginning of a session If I drop say 30bb on one table I start to tilt alittle. This has been due to 3-betting light when I have no reads on the player, then cbetting and getting reraised. So Ive tightened my 3-bet range way up to 1010+ AQ+. Obviously this will change once I have a proper feel and read for the table and its fish. I'm also going to try and improve my post flop game. Another improvement I going to make is to give up after the fish calls my cbet and QUIT BLUFFING. I'm bluffing way to much for 10nl that's why my money won with showdown is much lower than without showdown, and its a shows. The difference from my 15k hands in pt2 to this database is massive, I dont know why Ive started to bluff more buts its a obvious leak that needs plugging

I get distracted far too easy, say if I'm 2 tabling I'll raise a hand, wait, check msn, check 2+2 and not focus on how long is the player taking to decide. Does he insta call/check Or take ages etc?. I don't do this all the time but occasionally and I feel that its costing me a few bbs now and again. I had a session last night where there was a laggy fish on my right who had been steeling a quite a few unraised pots with small bets. I was BB and he had completed his SB to me, I had J3s and the flop was 53Qr. He checked and so did I the Turn was a 6 and he bet out 2bb. I called and the river was a 2 he insta bet 6bb which seemed abit of a strange line + his 2bb turn raised screamed a steel so I called and won a 18bb pot, If I had not been taking much notice of the villain here I would of folded to his turn raise. Its not a big pot but its the read I was happy about. This hand set me up for a great sesson where I won 150bbs playing solid poker.

Going off my last post, Ive lost a few buyins and won a few kind of a up and down week or so. And im just above breaking even over a 9k stretch, I know I can turn a better profit so It doesn't bother me that much. According to my all in ev graph I should be 300bb up.

So many ups and downs!

bankroll = £320/$488

oh and btw comments would be nice :)

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