Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Live donkfests!

I decided to go and play a £10 rebuy down at the local casino. It was my 1st time playing live so It was a wierd feeling. The action was fisher than I ever thought. The game started 30mins late and around 80 entrants. I had limited myself to 2 buyins and a addon after the rebuy period(90mins), everyone else seemed to have different expectations. People just going all in with nothing, big family pots so many gamblers. I did expect that people would be loose, but everyone on my table had at least 5-6 buyins each.

I Played well during the rebuy period. Used my 2 rebuys, 1st one I floped a flush with JsQs and moved all in and a guy called me with As6h he hit the nut flush on the turn. 2nd buyin I lost a race with AK v 77 and A 10. Then I really lucked out. it was nearing the end of the rebuy period and I had A9s utg and I pushed had two callers, AQ and QK. The flop was Q 7 4 Thought that was my game over but the turn produced a 9 and so did the river. A great triple up and with my addon I was just about average stack (4500). There was a 20 minute break and about 70 people left.

So I had ordered a steak baguette(eating was allowed at the tables) and sat back down to start the 2nd phase of the torney. 1st hand I had AQ guy to my left was deep (10000)and had been quite loose, seemed a bad player that had just been lucky. The blinds were 100/200 and I raised to 4bb he reraised to 14bb and I had a long think and 4bet shoved. he turned over JJ and I lost the race. good job my steak baguette hadnt come yet!!

reflecting on the hand now I know it should of been a fold, risking all my hard work on a flip at best? what did I expect him to have? AJ A10 any pp? Think im going to wait till my bankroll is bigger before returning to play these again. Or stick to the non rebuy torney's.

Back to online Ive been running real well, this coinsides with me re-depositing at partypoker to play 10nl there. I decided to play there because its easier to table select and the players are so more donkish than at euro sites, Ipoker etc. Ive been up and down alot loosing to some real bad beats but ive just taken them into my stride and come good in the end. See at ipoker Ive been getting my cash in good and getting sucked out on, but not recovering and starting to tilt. Only problem is Ive no deal at party, rakeback/vip which is wank.

Check this hand out :P
even better I got paid off too!

Dealt to rchpro [ Jh Qh ]
mastah00: sure
mastah00 folds
mbjer folds
rchpro raises [$0.40 USD]
joe_keeps calls [$0.35 USD]
rchpro: HONEST
Dopododjo folds
** Dealing Flop ** [ Ah, Th, Kh ]
joe_keeps bets [$0.64 USD]
rchpro calls [$0.64 USD]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 6s ]
joe_keeps bets [$1.66 USD]
rchpro calls [$1.66 USD]
** Dealing River ** [ 8c ]
joe_keeps bets [$3.92 USD]
rchpro is all-In [$7.60 USD]
joe_keeps calls [$3.68 USD]
joe_keeps shows [ 7h, 5h ]a flush, Ace high.
rchpro shows [ Jh, Qh ]royal flush.
rchpro wins $19.70 USD from the main pot with a royal flush.

Anyway Have fun.

Bankroll: £350/$550

How do I use a hand converter to post it on my blog? Like I would at a poker forum etc?

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Yorkshire Pud said...

If you use the converter in the link below there is an option to change the output to HTML, Plain text or blogs. I guess you could try all three and see what each looks like.